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LP VG/VG 1977. New Life Records

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Objavljeno: 1977.
Stanje omota: VG
Stanje ploče: VG

*VG su ploče sa znakovima korištenja i reproduciranja od strane prethodnog vlasnika koji se dobro brinuo o njima. Površina ploče može pokazivati neke znakove trošenja ili imati lagane ogrebotine koje ne utječu na zvuk. Omot ploče može imati znakove manjeg trošenja, blago okrenute kutove, lagani rascjep na spojevima ili izreze.


All Day Medley (13:38)
A1a Love, Joy, Peace
A1b All Day Song
A1c Bubblin’
A1d His Banner Over Me Is Love
A1e I Love The Father
A1f Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You
A1g I Love You With The Love Of The Lord
A1h This Is My Commandment
A1i God Is So Good
A1j Oh, River Of God
A1k Peace Like A River
A1l Peace
A1m Hallelujah, I’m Gonna Sing
A1n Canaan’s Land
A1o Joy Is The Flag
A1p Come Into His Presence
A1q Beautiful Music
Scripture Promise Medley (11:52)
A2a Come Bless The Lord
A2b Bless The Lord
A2c Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart
A2d The Lord Thy God
A2e This Is The Day
A2f Steadfast Love
A2g Beloved, Let Us Love One Another
A2h The Lord Is My Shepherd
A2i In All Thy Ways
A2j Keep On Asking
A2k Teach Me Lord To Wait
A2l And Ye Shall Know The Truth
A2m I’m Singin’ Hallelujah
A2n It’s No Longer I That Liveth
A2o If You Delight Yourself
A2p I Saw The Lord
A2q Many Mansions
I Came To Praise The Lord (10:36)
B1a I Came To Praise The Lord
B1b Praise Him
B1c Great Is The Lord
B1d Thy Loving Kindness
B1e Clap Your Hands
B1f He That Overcomes
B1g Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is
B1h Sweet, Sweet Spirit
B1i Rejoice In The Lord Always
B1j The Joy Of The Lord
B1k Spring Up O Well
B1l For Those Tears I Died
B1m Jesus, You Are My Friend
B1n Bless That Wonderful Name
Praise Songs To Jesus (13:50)
B2a Now Let Us Sing
B2b Under The Blood
B2c Oh, The Blood Of Jesus
B2d Oh, How I Will Praise You
B2e Praise To Thee, Jesus
B2f Blessed Be The Name
B2g Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know
B2h Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
B2i Sing Alleluia To The Lord
B2j O Come, Let Us Adore Him
B2k We Worship And Adore Thee
B2l Thou Art Worthy
B2m Here Comes Jesus
B2n I Believe In Heaven
B2o He’s The Savior Of My Soul
B2p Oh, How I Love Jesus
B2q To Me He Is So Wonderful
B2r Every Knee Shall Bow
B2s He Is Lord

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